Tuesday, September 25, 2007


ok so in class on monday we talked a lot about what is the point in asking the question if he already knows the outcome? and then from there we branched off into lots of other ideas. i was thinking...what if the point is that the question cannot be answered? and the point of him asking is to get the seemingly all lawful and knowing E. to admit to not having an answer for once? I know the main focus is "what is pious and what is impious" but maybe a subplot is that Socrates wants E. to realize that he cant have all the answers? someone in class said "the more you know, the more you suffer" so perhaps Socrates is trying to prove this, in a backward and not so 'deep' manner that E. will suffer when he tries to prove he has the answers to everything.
ok moving on. we also talked about Socrates indictment regarding how he has been corrupting youths. I really feel that the reason he is being charged with this corruption is not because of his methods of 'disturbing the peace' but because of what he is telling these kids. the government does not like that Socrates is questioning what they prefer everyone to believe and so they are trying to suppress him and any of his ideas...kind of like 1984 like we were saying in class only Socrates isnt wimpy like Winston, he realizes that without questions, society will just freeze in time and never get to progress and learn new things. without having a desire to question, then people are just giving in to fear and fatigue.
also, E. always says that the pious is what the Gods like. and I wanna know...what if the Gods change their mind?? then the definition, or i guess examples of the definition change....so there is no REAL definition is basically what he is saying.

and regarding the question of what if socrates got into it with abraham?? i am STILL thinking about it...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

todays class

i have a few thoughts about todays class that I kinda wanted to say in class, but I never thought I could jump in. so here I go.

Just because one believes in a higher power, does not mean that they are wasting their time on earth, waiting to die so they can move on to the after life. You try to enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest because if you do believe in God or a higher power, you want to enjoy the things he has placed here for you. and yes, people do work for things, not everything is handed to people. and I understand and respect people and how they were brought up, some religiously, some to question everything. but what is their explanation for miracles? I mean, Im not trying to be rude or ANYTHING, all I mean is like...Im just surprised no one has brought it up in class yet...and also. Does asking a question of the Bible or of your faith make you a bad person and give you an automatic cell in Hell? I dont lie to think so...I believe in God and I dont think he wants us wallowing around His earth in a fog of confusion. we have brains, and we have the ability to question things, so why not? But again...that is what Im struggling with while reading this stuff...I DO feel guilty for questioning things in the Bible and certain things that I have always believed in...but in the end I come back to what I believe in, but with a better understanding...I dont really know where I was going with this but I just needed to write it out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so far...

so this far we've read gilgamesh, genesis, and some exodus and matthew....and really the most difficult thing for me has been reading genesis and questioning things I have believed my entire life. I consider myself very religious and spiritual and I have trouble sometimes just grasping that, and like having faith sometimes, which all people struggle with, but then reading Genesis and getting into a discussion with my Catholic mom and my non denominational dad...just got me thinking on so many things. for example I questioned whether or not we would be immortal if Eve had not eaten from the tree and just other things that unfortunately I cannot remember right now, but my parents and I had a great discussion about faith. so even though thats not difficult, it was something that came of my reading this selection. On the other hand, its made me question things, and then realize things, liek in class the other day when we were discussing the "mean" side of God and how he seemed hypocritical...well now I think that maybe he is telling us to not make the same mistakes because right now, in current time that is, we only learn from mistakes that have been made, not mistakes that COULD have been made, or things that are thought of...so if God hadnt made mistakes...what would His people learn from? nothing and therefore there would be even more chaos...whether im talking about now, or about biblical times, i am not sure of, sorry haha. I dont know, its also kind of hard to hear some peopel say in class that the Bible is just there as a tool to make people feel better...I TOTALLY open to all peoples opinions, but some things are hard to hear ya know? Like when someone says that peopel read what they need to in the Bible..ok I get what youre saying...but its still hard to hear...and maybe thats because I myself questions things sometimes...but I think everyone questions things all the time and that is part of growing and learning. I dont knwo if this made sense or if it answered the question...but there ya go! haha

Thursday, September 6, 2007

a penny's worth of thought...i know, im unoriginal

so that exercise we did in class got me thinking about this paper and how we're supposed to present it as if our interpretation is the right one (obviously)...even Anton's thoughts were kind of out of the box, but so are some of my thoughts, hopefully, for this paper...so maybe thats okay... it was cool to detach myself from something that i DO know about and try to act as though I had no idea what it was, why it existed and why the things on it were there..and I think thatll help in this paper...hopefully. sorry this isnt longer?

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I tend to consider myself a pretty religious/spiritual person (I am Catholic) so I enjoyed reading this. I had been taught the stories from Genesis when I was younger at CCD classes, but fortunately I can now form an opinion on them and ask questions.
Heres my question. On page 8 God tells the human not to eat from the tree or he will be doomed to die. Does this mean that had Adam and Eve not listened to the Serpent and lost their innocence would humans be immortal? Their eating from the tree caused them and all humankind after to lose their innocence, to feel embarrassment (realized they're naked) to fear things and also to be sinful...causing God to recreate His people with the Flood... so that is just a thought.
Also, what equaled a day? Did God create the sun and the stars and the moon in 24 hours? or were His days equal to 10million years, thus raising questions of evolution? Adam was created as a full grown man, or at least that is how he is always portrayed. But did he have a childhood, did he grow up to an adult under the eyes of God? Since God did not want Adam or Eve to eat from the tree and lose their innocence, is it possible that childhood was only created after this infraction? Childhood is considered as a time for people to learn about social mores and to experience situations that will help make better functioning adults, but perhaps it wasn't in God's initial plan for humans, maybe we were supposed to begin life as a physical adult and live in blissful innocence.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


i am filtering all of the information of my life through google. now all my dreams will come true.